GreenLearner February Product Spotlight: Tournesol Siteworks

GreenLearner is proud to feature the VGM Modular Living Wall System by Tournesol Siteworks as our February 2011 spotlight green product.  GreenLearner selects a product monthly based on the interest of our users.

Tournesol Siteworks provides complete landscape solutions for the urban environment.  Since 1979, their commercial-grade products have beautified the surroundings of buildings with site furnishings, living walls, green roofs, and container irrigation systems—a product they lead the industry with; however, Tournesol Siteworks isn’t just concerned about the aesthetics.  They are a company focused on green innovation by creating a line of products that are environmentally sound. Many products under their green building components umbrella can contribute to a building’s LEED certification. The VGM Modular Living Wall System is just one of their products that can do just that.

With 100% recycled plastic planting modules and powder-coated hanging rails, the VGM system makes a powerful statement.

Beautiful, eco-friendly, and smart are just a few attributes this product entails.  It gives instant coverage to any vertical surface. Whether you wish to conceal a less attractive area of a building, such as a loading dock, or create impact with a dramatic wall, the VGM wall system gets the job done.  The polypropylene plastic modules are shipped broken down to save on freight costs, then assembled, filled, and planted in a local nursery.  It generally takes 1-3 months before the wall can be hung to allow growing time for the plants.  Because walls generally lend to harsher growing conditions, it’s imperative hardy plants are chosen for the system.  The environment and climate must be taken into consideration.  Christopher Lyon with Tournesol Siteworks further explains, “We believe strongly in local contributions by horticulturalists, designers, and contractors to ensure that a plant used in the system will succeed there.”

What makes their product unique from others?  Christopher with Tournesol Siteworks elaborates, “It features the thickest of soil conditions of any system available, which provides the most insulation, water retention, and support for the largest rootball possible.  Our modules don’t have internal baffles or dividers that restrict healthy root development.  Plants that would not be possible to keep alive in a 3” or 4” soil profile can still thrive in an 8” system.  We believe that if a plant has the ability of living on the wall, it will do better in our system than most.”

Tournesol Siteworks is located in Fremont, California and can be contacted at 800.542.2282 or

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