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More than 41.5 billion pieces of mail advertisements are produced and distributed in the United States every year.   It takes 100 million trees to create all this bulk mail, which is enough to deforest the entire Rocky Mountain National Park every four months.  You can keep your mailbox tidy and protect our trees by taking a few steps to reduce your junk mail.

1.) Contact the Direct Marketing Association to be removed from many companies’ mass marketing mailing lists for up to five years.

2.) To stop delivery of Yellow Pages, enter your zip code at Catalog Choice to see contact information for all Yellow Pages.

3.) Contact Val-Pak Coupons to be removed from their mailing list.

(Sources:, is dedicated to helping professionals to study and pass the LEED exam.  GreenLearner offers free LEED practice exams and we are the first website to offer a free LEED exam simulator.

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