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The sun is shining, pools are sparkling, and the smell of suntan lotion is in the air.  Ladies and gentlemen, summer is here!  Here are a few quick tips to stay green this season:

Watch Your Thermostat - Americans spend $11 billion each year on cooling their homes, and air conditioners release 100 million tons of carbon dioxide in the air annually.  Being responsible with your thermostat helps the environment and keeps costs down.

Grill To Perfection -  Propane burns much cleaner than charcoal, but charcoal gives food a smokey punch that propane just can’t bring to the table.  If charcoal is a must for you grill lovers, use natural products like Cowboy Charcoal.  It’s a much cleaner alternative to traditional charcoal.

Party Smart - Summer backyard parties and plastic plates and cups often go hand-in-hand, but it doesn’t have to be.  Use festive reusable dishes that make a statement with friends, family, and the environment.

Water Wisely - Watering your lawn in the summer is essential to keeping your grass looking fresh and keeping yourself from being blacklisted with neighbors.  Be smart by watering your lawn in the morning when it’s often coolest and the root system has the best chance to quench itself.  Use a rain barrel or other device to collect and store rain water to be used when you need it most.  Unlike tap water, salts and minerals are absent in rainwater and allows your grass maximum absorption. is dedicated to helping professionals to study and pass the LEED exam.  GreenLearner offers free LEED practice exams and we are the first website to offer a free LEED exam simulator.

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