GreenLearner Product Spotlight: Verve Living System

GreenLearner is product to feature The Verve Living System as this month’s product spotlight.

The Verve Living System gives you control over lighting, temperature, and energy usage in any living space.  Under the Masco Corporation umbrella, this system is available in a residential, higher education, and hospitality setting.  Lighting consumes up to 34 percent of electricity in the United States and with the cost of electricity on the rise, this product comes in handy.

The Verve System makes reducing your energy use practically effortless.  If you plan to be gone for the day, you just simply let your home know.  Click a single switch to set the air conditioning to eco-mode and switch off power outlets connected to energy-draining devices such as TVs or game systems.  The Verve Living System also sets the right mood for your home. With one click, you can turn on bright task lighting, perfect for preparing a meal for guests. When the door bell rings, a second click is all it takes to set a dramatic, softly lit scene for entertaining.  You can also keep a switch in your car allowing your house to come to life as you pull up the driveway.  Completely adaptable to fit your needs, this product reaches every audience.

For more information about The Verve Living System, please contact 877-874-8774. is dedicated to helping professionals to study and pass the LEED exam.  GreenLearner offers free LEED practice exams and we are the first website to offer a free LEED exam simulator.

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